Baltimore Riots Hurt Minorities – 200 Businesses Lost


Feature photo by Maryland National Guard

Protesters do more harm than good as Baltimore riots hurt minorities and cause loss of more than 200 businesses in a single day of rioting.  It’s a shame, but sometimes the unorganized actions of the crowd have unintended consequences.  What began as earnest interest in what happened to Freddie Gray, quickly turned into another slew of riots, this time in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rather than express their desire to learn all the facts involving the death of Freddie Gray, the uninformed crowd rushed into the streets of Baltimore in a rage.  They did millions upon millions of dollars in damage to city property, and property of their own neighbors and neighborhood businesses.  Their words say they want black citizens to be respected by others.  Their actions tell a different story.  Their actions in the wake of the Freddie Gray death say they don’t have any respect for authority.  Their actions say they don’t have any respect for their neighbors.  Their actions say they don’t have any respect for the property of others.  Their actions say they don’t have any respect for the laws.  The protesters have a lot to say, but unfortunately it’s just saying something about them.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan told reporters on Sunday that more than 200 businesses were destroyed during rioting Monday in Baltimore.  Most of the businesses destroyed were minority-owned and the destruction of these businesses harms not only the family and loved ones of those minorities, but also harm the community itself, as the residents can no longer utilize the services of those local businesses.

It’s a sad day in america when a group of citizens, unhappy about their treatment as a people, proceed to harm other like people without a thought about their hypocritical behavior, and how their very own Baltimore riots hurt minorities.

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