The Big Tobacco Lie – How Money Doesn’t Solve The Problem


We are being told by our government that one of the major killers in the country is tobacco. Our government has said that tobacco is more addicting that heroin. The ads running on television tell us that it is imperative that we stop the use of tobacco. At the same time the government is subsidizing the tobacco industry to make sure they stay in business. Remember the millions they provided Ontario tobacco farmers to help them get out of the tobacco industry? Remember again how the Federal Department of Agriculture provided them with interest-free loans to keep their tobacco farms going? Between 1995 and 2011, taxpayers gave U.S. tobacco farmers $276 million in crop insurance subsidies.

Have you noticed that we are being told by the government the best way to stop folks from smoking is to raise the price of a pack of cigarettes. If there is one ounce of truth in this, it’s great news. The government has found a way to end addiction by raising the price. If that is true then all we have to do is raise the price of cigarettes, heroine, marijuana, crystal meth and so on. At this rate we all will be healthy and free of addiction in no time.

tobacco_plantsThe only problem with this solution is that it is a lie for the purpose of bilking the people out of even more money. They pick things like cigarettes knowing that those addicted will stay silent and the rest of us will be on board with it because it doesn’t effect us. Remember when they raise the cost of these addictive products the money raised goes into the pot for our elected representatives (who they represent is yet to be discovered) to throw away on their pet projects.

I might agree to give the added product cost to them if all the monies that the government is salivating over was given entirely to worthwhile entities such as the St. Jude Medical Research Center or to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, but that will never happen.

Only a fool would believe that an addiction can be stopped by raising the cost of the item that folks are addicted to, and they will just say no and be free from the addiction. That is as easy as believing that if we give the government enough of our money, they will leave us to our own devices. Not likely.

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