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The United States Tax Noose – The Government Lynching

I awoke this morning thinking about all the taxes I pay to the government….like the bed I sleep in….. I had to pay sales tax on the bed. I got dressed in the clothes that I paidUS Taxes List sales tax on. I went to the breakfast table that I paid sales tax on for breakfast and realized that I paid tax on that breakfast as well.

After a great breakfast I headed to my car and realized that even though I had haggled a great price on the car I did have to pay the 8.5% sales tax based on the $24,000 I paid for the car. Then I remembered that each year I have to buy a license for the car which is in fact another tax that never ends as long as I own my car or any car.  I guess you can own a car, but you need to keep paying for it as long as you own it.

I headed out onto the highway and the road tax I had to pay came to mind. Seeing that I was low on gas I pulled into a gas station to fill up. While filling my car I remembered that I was now paying tax on tax. You see gasoline is heavily taxed and then after that there is sales tax charged on each gallon you buy. Tank full and taxes paid, I headed off to work (while wondering how it’s fair that the government makes more money on each gallon of gas I buy than the company that actually paid for workers and facilities to drill for the oil, transport it to the refinery, refine it into gas, and then transport it to the gasoline stations around the country).

When Will The Government Say They’ve Taken Enough?

When I arrived at work I realized that this was one of my favorite days, pay day. At the end of my day, after paying tax on the smokes, lunch, and snacks that I bought during the day, I received my pay check. Looking inside I found my hard earned credit-squeeze-522549_1280money, minus the 35% that the government managed to keep and the Social Security deduction, which the government has long since spent..

Because it was the first of the month I had many bills that I had to pay that evening so after dinner I started opening bills and paying them. I started with the electric bill for the electricity that I had used plus a lump of taxes on that electricity. Then I opened the water bill to find out how much I owed for the water I had used and found another lump of tax owed.  Then came the cable TV bill plus, you guessed it, a lump of tax on another thing that the government had nothing to do with. My cell phone bill was next, yes, more taxes.  Then my water bill, yes, more taxes.  This went on for sometime until all the bills were paid and the government got their unearned dollars.

The next morning I was going to go deep sea fishing, but first I had to buy a license, which is just another tax on something that the government has basically nothing to do with. Another $60.00 down the sink hole we call government.

I can’t wait until I have my house paid for so I will own it. Oh wait, I will have to pay property tax each year for the rest of my life. No break there.

When I’m dead and gone I won’t have to deal with taxes. Oh…wait…. there is the death taxes that will be stolen from my heirs. (Remember that I already paid taxes on all of my possessions when I bought them, and kept up the licenses for my vehicles, paying taxes all along the way.)

I guess there really isn’t anything that’s ever tax free as long as we allow the people we elect to invade our life and tax everything they can think of, so they can decide where to spend my hard earned money.  Maybe the government thinks if they keep the earners and producers in this country poor, they’ll have to work longer hours and more years to ready themselves for retirement… Cha Ching, more working equals more taxes for them, and less of my earnings for me and my family.


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