Tax Dollars Wasted On Public Libraries With Little Use And Big Operating Costs


Our government spends millions of tax dollars yearly and the benefit for much of it, is absent. I have spent some time in several different libraries to see what the people coming into these tax sink holes are doing and how many seem to be actually using the books awaiting checkout.

I went by the main library in the central valley of California early one morning to see what went on there before opening. What I saw was homeless people, with their stolen shopping carts, sleeping on the library steps. One of the visitors there was a guy urinating in the bushes by the entrance.

I went to another library and sat inside for two hours. In that time one family came in. They were there for approximately 20 minutes. In the time they were there they looked at a few books from the shelves and then left with no books checked out. I am led to believe they may have been enjoying the air conditioning and not the library (it’s hot in the central valley of California in July).

I also recently visited the library in Kettleman City, California. It has 3,500 square feet of floor space. It is a nice looking facility, but what for? Kettleman City is many miles from any neighboring communities, and therefore is used by that city’s residents alone. The town has a population of 1,200 people. If you figure an average of four per family that would be 300 homes to utilize their 3,500 sq. ft. library. Additionally, this library is only open three days a week from 1 PM to 6 PM.

When I was in school I spent countless hours in the library, as did all the kids I knew. It was the one and only place that we could get the information that we needed for those reports that had to be completed. I think it would be hard to find a home without a computer these days, not to mention the use of iPhones and tablets used for similar activities. I believe that the government should think twice about continuing to use our tax dollars on big, empty libraries.

I personally know of one large city in Central California where they have decided to turn a closed-down market into another library. This community has so many libraries, it seems that you can find one almost every two city blocks! I wonder what the actual daily cost is of a library that is not being used.

Libraries of today seem, for the most part, to be a place for the homeless to sleep as technology has allowed most citizens to obtain any information available at the library, in any location with a cell signal, in a fraction of the time it takes even to drive, walk, or bus to the nearest public library.



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