High School Tells Student To Remove Flags From His Truck – Outrage Ensues


Peyton Robinson – Proud American

As if they didn’t have anything better to do, a South Carolina high school tells student to remove flags from his truck this past Wednesday morning.  Peyton Robinson, an 18-year-old senior at York Comprehensive High School in York, South Carolina, was informed by school administrators that he could not fly his American and POW-MIA flags in the bed of his truck.

The excuse the school administrator gave Peyton was that he had gotten some complaints about the flags. Robinson told WBTV-TV in York, South Carolina, he was told that the flags may be offensive to some, and was instructed to remove them before he returned to the school the next day.  The senior discovered later that day that the bolts holding the flags in place had been unscrewed while he was gone, and his flags were found lying in the bed of his pickup truck!  He learned that a school administrator took down the flags.

There was an school wide announcement before the end of school that same day that flags, like Peyton’s, could prove to be a safety concern if displayed on vehicles. School superintendent Vernon Prosser stated he feared that the flags might block the vision of other drivers, thereby possibly causing a collision and placing other students in danger.

Peyton has family members who have served in the military and the school’s decision angered him greatly. He remarked, “I was pretty mad. I don’t see how it’s a problem. Nobody has ever complained about it before.” Peyton said that he would “understand if it was a confederate flag or something that might offend someone. But an American flag…..our country’s flag… I have every right to (fly) it. I don’t see a safety issue. I mean, I understand it’s a big flag – it’s 4 by 6 – but nobody has ever complained about it being in their way or anything.”

Peyton went to his Facebook page and posted an account of what was happening. Many other students agreed that having him remove the flags was just wrong. Numerous students gathered their flags, attached them to their cars and headed to the school that very night in a show of support for our freedoms.

“I’ll keep fighting,” Peyton told television station WSOC Wednesday night. “I’m not letting go. I won’t go down without a fight.” Peyton Robinson’s father said he couldn’t be more proud of his son, and was prepared for him to leave school if he wasn’t allowed to fly this country’s flag.

In a mass show of support, more than 70 vehicles showed up the next day at York Comprehensive High School, flags flying, supporting Peyton in his fight against the overreaching of the school’s officials. Crowds stood at the side of the road on the way to the school to show solidarity. Many in the crowds were military veterans, saluting as the procession entered the school grounds.

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York Comprehensive High School principal Christopher Black told the TV station he was going to have to ask all of the students with flags to take them down and put them away. However, with the tremendous response of the students supporting Peyton in this mass display, the Principal had to re-think the school’s position. “Due to the outstanding display of patriotism through (this) peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy,” he said.

The school has now made an exception for the American Flag. It will be allowed as long as its size does not create a driving hazard. When contacted, the South Carolina Highway Patrol told WSOC-TV that York student’s flags were all legal.

After learning that this high school tells student to remove flags from his truck, it is truly amazing that our school officials need a wake up call from hundreds of patriots, in order to pressure them to allow students freedom of speech, PATRIOTIC SPEECH!

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