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Here’s our movie review for the motion picture, San Andreas… Enjoy!

Known for his action-packed hero films, Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) has landed the lead role in another one. Cast as a helicopter-flying fireman in director Brad Peyton’s latest film, San Andreas, Johnson ends up in one catastrophe after another in this block buster of natural disasters. But, of course, who else would they cast to battle shifting tectonic plates but The Rock?

A short time after the film begins things get tense, as the San Andreas fault decides to kick up its heals (or should I say plates). This is an incredibly fast-moving flick at times, and just when you think things can’t get worse, they do. The quakes just keep coming, there is action and suspense at every turn, and Ray (Johnson) must join with his soon-to-be ex-spouse to rescue their daughter Blake, played by Alexandra Daddario, in San Francisco. The quaking hits L.A. and San Francisco, and according to the seismologists, can be felt as far as the east coast.


Everything that happens in this movie is loud and suspenseful, and the special effects are tremendous. Although you see bodies flying everywhere, you never see a dead one up close….thus the PG-13 rating I suppose. This is an extremely entertaining family movie with excitement for one and all.

At times, the story is somewhat silly and hard to believe (like when Ray and Emma – played by Carla Gugino – race across the San Francisco flooded streets in a speedboat looking for Blake, but don’t happen upon any floating, dead bodies); or how they always seem to know just where to look and which way to go to end up where she is. At any rate, at least there is plenty of excitement along their way!

Unexpected calamities abound, and the estranged couple are brought closer together by each one. The two stars unite in the endless disasters, and prove to be hero material, overcoming each obstacle thrown their way in this quake/flood/collapse/tsunami-ridden movie.

The tsunami scenes are especially exhilarating, when Ray and Emma attempt to meet wits with the gigantic wave. Extreme panic hits the bay, as speedboats race toward the ocean to get away from the crumbling city before the tsunami wave crashes down upon them.

One possibly bad note in the film is that the hero steals a car, an airplane, and a boat…..all for good reason, but nevertheless illegal.

As with many larger-than-life catastrophe-based films, there is always some comic quips inserted into the script, and Dwayne Johnson pulls them off like a natural. After battling collapsing dams, buckling skyscrapers, underwater traps, and an angry ocean, as always, The Rock’s engaging and somewhat comic smile prevails!

Go see it. You won’t be disappointed.



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