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Directed by Colin Trevorrow, whose style compares somewhat to the original Jurassic Park’s Steven Spielberg’s, Jurassic World held the viewer’s attention. An integral part of the film’s ending is hinted at in the film’s beginning sequence, where the handsome star, Chris Pratt (as Owen), shows off his dinosaur-whispering talents with young raptors, who he is attempting to train, along with co-star, Omar Sy (playing trainer Barry). Pratt shows not only good acting skills, but you can actually sense his feelings by his all-knowing eyes, and by the way he carries himself throughout the show. The casting could not have been better.

Jurassic-World-Movie-ReviewsClaire (Bryce Dallas Howard), one of the executives at the Jurassic World experimental playground, starts off as the lily-white clean freak, who wears high heels throughout her performance as an administrator, as well as during her running around the park trying not to be a dinosaur meal. However, she eventually proves worthy of a monster flick role, reminding me of the star in Lake Placid (the timid eco-minded Bridget Fonda). Claire and Owen seem to be clashing right off the bat, but things change when they must team up against DNA gone awry, with Indominus Rex, the lab-conjured monster-sized pseudo-dinosaur and the young raptors who want to be bad like their mama.

There are several tense situations which are quite entertaining, and one exciting part where the park visitors must dodge pterodactyls as the crowds are attacked, thrown, flown away with and eaten! Of course, along with the pterodactyls gone wild, there are the raptors that escape their enclosure. Of course there is the ever-present villain, played by Vincent D’Onofrio (as Hoskins, who wants to exploit all he can).

There is even a touch of Sea World when visitors watch a show where an enormous whale-type prehistoric creature has been taught to jump up for his dinner (a killer whale?).

All in all, the film is quite entertaining. Sequel? You know there will be one, or two, or three. This box office hit will most likely make several comebacks with more amazing creatures, and just as much excitement. Kudos to Pratt, Howard, and Director Trevorrow! Can’t wait for Jurassic World 2!

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