Baltimore’s Freddie Gray Arrested Many Times Since 2007


According to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Results, Freddie Gray has been arrested many times (more than 20) in the past several years and four times since January 1st of this year.  He has spend his share of time behind bars due to his behavior but it’s important that we earnestly attempt to get all the facts before selling the police officers down the river.  Below is the results of a search with a date range of 2007 through 2015 to date.  It is reasonable based on the number of contacts he’s had with law enforcement regarding drugs, that he could have been under the influence of drugs that might cause the behavior listed below.
New claims have just been made by the Washington Post today, stating that another prisoner in the police van with Freddie Gray heard him throwing himself against the sides of the van and thrashing around in the van.  The other prisoner (witness) couldn’t see Gray, but believed he was intentionally trying to harm himself.  Mr. Gray was unconscious when the police van arrived at its destination.  If Mr. Gray had been under the influence of a narcotic, remembering the other times he’d been behind bars, it is reasonable that he might have attempted to injure himself in an attempt to avoid going back to prison.

Autopsy reports won’t be in for some time, but will undoubtedly shed some light on the situation.  It’s unfortunate that the citizens in Baltimore were not willing to wait for all the facts prior to trashing their neighborhoods, stealing other people’s property, and harming others in their own community.

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