Biker Gang Fight In Waco, Texas Results In 9 Dead 18 Injured


Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

Waco, Texas – At least 9 are dead and 18 injured after a biker gang fight in Waco, Texas erupted at a restaurant according to authorities.  The multiple gang rumble sounds reminiscent of outlaw motorcycle club violence you might see on a Sons Of Anarchy episode, but unfortunately the gruesome scene is real.  The rival outlaw motorcycle gangs involved based on reports and biker gang jackets on scene, the Scimitars MC, Cossacks MC, Bandidos MC, and reportedly a few others, turned a local sports bar/restaurant into a war zone leaving death and mayhem in their wake.

It has been reported that the scene involved a full scale assault at the local sports bar, Twin Peaks which is known to serve members of local bikers.  Apparently the motorcycle gangs were at the location and an altercation spilled over from inside the restaurant out to the parking lot where a brawl of epic proportions took place.  From information available, the Cossacks biker gang and Scimitars biker gang have allied against the Banditos biker gang, while the other motorcycle gangs involved have not yet been identified.  The fight, as is usually the case, might have sprouted from biker gang territory arguments.  If only we had an official “Biker Gang Territory Map”, we might be able to minimize the bloodshed by keeping the clubs in their own territory.  The gang fight included such weapons as chains, knives, firearms, bats, and clubs, according to initial reports.  It’s no wonder the melee led to multiple fatalities and casualties of injury, many of which required medical care for gunshot and stab wounds.  Authorities recovered more than 100 weapons from the scene. (story continued below photo – WARNING: Photo below is graphic)

Also reported is the fact that law enforcement was on scene when the fighting started, and even fired at some of the gang members.  No reports of police injury have been reported at this point.  Police on scene ask that the public stay away as the area is an active crime scene and tensions between the motorcycle clubs remains high.  Police have an enormous job ahead of them as they try to make sense of the violence and determine exactly what took place on this bloody Sunday.  We need a few more Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs and Christian Motorcycle Clubs, and a few less Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.

Waco, Texas never seems to be far from the national spotlight with incidents such as this, and the infamous Waco compound siege by the religious group, Branch Davidians in 1993.  I hope this event makes it clear to everyone that we don’t need another biker gang fight in Waco, Texas, or anywhere else.

See Update: Federal Charges Filed
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