Biker Gang Members Issue Threats Causing Officials To Warn Texas Police


Waco-biker-gang-shootingsAfter a recent Waco biker gang altercation and subsequent charges brought against more than 170 motorcycle club members, biker gang members issue threats that cause officials to warn Texas police of potential retaliation danger.  A bulletin came out from the Texas Department of Public Safety concerning new threats from biker gangs that were angered over the recent multiple motorcycle club shoot-out in Waco. According to the bulletin released on Thursday, members of the Bandidos MC biker gang with access to military-grade weapons “are supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives” to target law enforcement officials and their families with car bombs. Revenge is the assumed reason for the biker gang’s response to the shooting of their members in Waco at the Twin Peaks restaurant and bar.  Several biker gangs were involved in the altercation including but not limited to the Bandidos MC, Scimitars MC, and Cossacks MC.

Sgt. Patrick Swanton with the Waco Police Department spoke with the news media and explained that officers commonly deal with personal threats, but he also had a message for the gang members making these particular threats:  “The incident that occurred (biker gang fight) here on Sunday [May 17th] afternoon…..was an absolute tragedy,” Sgt. Swanton stated. “However, those of you that were there know that we did absolutely nothing to start that. We would ask you to remember that and remind you that although you have totally different ways from us, law enforcement did not start the melee.”

The policeman’s duty is to protect the citizens using deadly force if and when necessary, and when citizens, biker gang members or not, are being shot at, as was the case in the restaurant parking lot on May 17th, fire must be returned. When the smoke cleared, it was discovered that there were nine bikers killed outside the restaurant during the shootout. Officers began firing in response to the gunfire coming from some of the bikers, but it is unknown how many police bullets hit bikers. However, officers are concerned about escalating problems, and worry when biker gang members issue threats on police, their families, or anyone else.

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