Organized Crime Charges Filed Against Motorcycle Gang Members After Waco Shootout


More than 170 Organized Crime charges filed against motorcycle gang members after Waco shootout is a good start in clearing the streets of outlaw bikers in Texas according to many residents left wary of motorcycle clubs in the wake of the incident.  The biker gang fight took place at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco and the fallout is being felt by many, including the families of the nine people killed and 18 others who were injured in the midday violence at the popular lunch spot.

Waco judge W.H. Peterson set bonds for 174 gang members charged with engaging in organized criminal activity at $1 million each.  He stated about the incident, “We had 9 people killed in our community.  These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town.  Very few of them were from in town.”  A biker club member representative has asked for a hearing to petition the courts for a reduced bond.  That hearing date is currently pending… updates to come.

In affidavits supporting the arrests of the biker gang members issued by W.H. “Pete” Peterson, a Waco police officer officially identified the biker groups involved as “members and associates of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and Bandidos Motorcycle Club.”  At least 5 motorcycle gangs were implicated in the altercation.

Sources close to the case say that more than 100 motorcycles at the scene were confiscated and will likely be seized and sold at auction under civil forfeiture procedures.

Interestingly, the charges were filed the same day as a local television station reported that state officials have issued a bulletin warning law enforcement agencies of increasing violence between rival motorcyle clubs, namely two of the clubs involved in the bloody altercation at Twin Peaks.

Stay tuned to the Law Enforcement section of the Keen Report for updates on the organized crime charges filed against motorcycle gang members.


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