Military Veterans Abused – Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Suspended


Disabled Veterans AbusedThe University of Florida has suspended the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity for alleged abuse of disabled military veterans. Atrocities have once again marred our proud armed services, and made their sacrifices unappreciated, their bravery unnoticed, and replaced appreciation with hatred and ridicule. The fraternity members accused were drunk, and not only insulted the vets, but spit on them.

The Laketown Wharf Resort in Panama City Beach was hosting the annual Warrior Beach Retreat for the disabled military veterans to honor their service for the country. Members of the fraternity were verbally abusive to many of the military veterans in attendance. The University of Florida charged the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity with obscene behavior, public intoxication, theft, causing physical or other harm, and damage to property. Linda Cope, the founder of the veteran’s Warrior group said that some of the fraternity members were also urinating on (American) flags.


Military-VetsWhere has the honor of our citizens gone? How does this country bear the burdens of those irreverent university students who demean and degrade our military heroes who sacrifice so much to keep our country free? Is this the kind of human being we are nurturing at home, training in elementary and high schools, and graduating from our esteemed university systems? Have they no inkling of the courage and fortitude these brave men and women had when they fought in a foreign land to keep our land free, and to give all children an opportunity to go to a university? Maybe the teachers of today should substitute their women’s studies, physical education, and/or diversity classes with cohesion and fellowship classes, with classes on respect, with reviews of the atrocities of war. Something needs to be done to curb this rampant disrespect and blatant abuse. We need to educate, not only in reading, writing, and arithmetic, but in the way a decent human being should act, and the proper respect to give our military veterans, so our country’s flag can wave proudly… home….as well as on far-away battlefields.  I think we can all agree, our citizens don’t want to see our military veterans abused.

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