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vehicle-mileage-tax-odometerIf you own a car, get ready for a new vehicle tax to hit you hard.  Leave it to our government officials to devise a new way to bilk the American public with metered mileage taxes.  There is now a new way that the government is attempting to get even more tax money from your hard earned dollars. Let’s face it, if the government thought they could tax you for sleeping they would start, and then immediately find ways to increase that tax. Well, brace yourself…..especially those of you who bought an electric car so you would not have to stop at the gas stations any longer.

A proposal is now on the table that would cause vehicle owners to be taxed by the mile instead of on each gallon of gas purchased.  Tax to be called a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax (VMT). It is proposed that all vehicles will have mileage meter equipment installed under the dash. This GPS equipment can tell the government where you have been and how many miles you have traveled. Your mileage would then be taxed at 1.5 cents per mile. Electric or gas cars will both have to pay.  The government has pushed the public to buy electric cars, even giving incentives to do so.  Now they’re ready to pull the trigger and collect tax money on those vehicles based on mileage.  Bought an electric car?  Now you get to pay taxes on the electricity you use to charge your car AND tax on the miles you drive with that electric car based on Big Brother’s mileage meter readings.



Vehicle Mileage Tax Invoice – Oregon VMT Pilot Program

Their justification for this tax increase comes by way of saying that the money collected will go toward road upkeep. It is stated that 8 billion dollars are needed for repairs. I can’t remember any time I have voted without finding money for road repairs on the ballot. I wonder where all that money is going and why the roads are still in disrepair. I wonder also about the $1 trillion stimulus money for shovel-ready jobs, and where they are. Sounds like another con job to me.  More money to line the pockets of politicians both from the tax money, and from those companies that stand to gain government work contracts.

This new type of taxation is being studied in Oregon as we speak. The news states that 5,000 people have been selected to report their mileage to the government to see how the new tax adds up. They say that they are simply studying it, but you can rest assured that it is under serious consideration. Of course, the government will come up with all kinds of arguments in favor of the new method of taxation. They will try to play all of us against each other, like they always do. They will say, “Why should you have to pay for the road repairs when you only drive back and forth to work and others drive ten times more per day.”

There are already many companies that provide the means to track and report miles driven. Oregon state Rep. Vicki Berger said, “Oregon is also one of four states (Kentucky, New Mexico, New York) that charges trucks taxes based on their weight and the amount of miles they drive”.  With the equipment, there is a risk of the information transmission being a potential source of identity theft (protecting private information isn’t one of the governments strong suits of late).

Understand that the equipment that is being manufactured for this use has other convenient abilities as well. The equipment reports how fast you are going by the miles you cover in a particular period. Next, you might be getting speeding tickets in the mail from the equipment installed for mileage reporting purposes.



New mileage based tax will favor gas guzzlers.

James Whitty, who helped develop the program for the Oregon Department of Transportation and participated in a pilot program, said the difference between what drivers pay at the pump and the additional amount they owed for miles driven was so small, it was barely worth sending the bills every month.  Unfortunately for all of us, the governments begin every program with reason in mind (in order to gain the support of uneducated voters), and over time change the charges and triggers to favor additional tax revenue collection.  They wouldn’t be considering this program if they weren’t confident they tax amounts collected will be higher than they are currently.  It’s only a matter of time now, so get ready for a new vehicle tax to tug at your finances.

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