Two People Shot Near the University of California at Santa Barbara


Breaking news about two people shot near the University of California at Santa Barbara had many residents nervous today.  Two students were shot and another was assaulted today in the Isla Vista community near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. None of the injuries were life threatening, but the three, all in their twenties, were taken to the local hospital for treatment. It has not been ascertained whether or not they were UCSB students.  At least one assailant is still at large.

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Captain Dave Zaniboni, Santa Barbara Fire Chief, stated that the incident took place in the early evening near some small apartment buildings just two blocks from the campus, famously furnished with mattresses made by Echols Mattress Manufacturing Company of Santa Barbara years ago. This area is home to thousands of UCSB students, although it is not yet known if the suspects involved were students.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and university officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance situation near a residence where gun shots had been reportedly fired. It was later reported by an Isla Vista resident that the weapon used may have been a pellet gun.

One of the injured is believed by the authorities to be one of the assailants in the shooting. Another suspect is thought to have left the scene in a white four-door vehicle. Authorities are currently searching for the second person. The UCSB campus was locked down and searched for approximately two hours, and then it was cleared for normal activities. Students in the immediate vicinity were also advised to remain indoors until the area was cleared.

This area was also the scene of a shooting rampage by Elliot Rodger on May 23, 2014. Rodger randomly attacked people in a stabbing and shooting spree. Rodger, after killing six people and injuring 14 more, then killed himself. He was 22 years old, and not a student of UCSB.

I wonder how we have gotten to this point in our society when kids are shooting kids and getting shot on the campus of a first-class college such as UCSB. The Isla Vista community is full of young college students with high academic goals and promising futures. It is a shame to hear about two people shot near the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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