Busy Dennys Restaurant Prompts Manager To Disregard Safety Procedures


I visited a Denny’s Restaurant in Fresno, California the other day for breakfast. As I was seated at the counter, I noticed that the prepared dishes were piling up on the pick-up counter. Dishes ready to go to the patrons were actually being piled on top of each other because the waitresses were not picking them up!

Dennys Sanitation IssuesI noticed several waitresses taking some plates, but seemingly not in much of a rush to get to the many awaiting delivery. I took a picture of the undelivered food plates (22 plates of food) while I waited in great anticipation to see if the Manager would try to speed up the waitresses, or even try to help himself.

What I did take special note of was my food plate, which had been sitting amongst the pile for a few minutes. The Manager picked up the plate from the cook’s pick-up counter, and then sat it on the lower prep counter. I was appalled at the next thing he did. He touched the sausages with his bare hands, and then handed the plate back over the pick-up counter to one of the cooks and told him to warm it up.

The next thing I knew, it was placed in front of me. Not wanting to add to the anticipated melee to my already eventful morning, I went ahead and ate it, fondled sausages and all.

While I was eating, I noticed another unacceptable action by one of the waitresses. She got several plates from the pick-up counter, placed them on a large tray on the prep counter, and then took one plate with pancakes, and picked up the pancakes with her bare hand and put them on another plate!

After receiving my bill, and going to the register to pay, when asked how my food was, I exclaimed that the food was fine, but that one of their waitresses had moved someone’s pancakes with her bare hand, and that the Manager himself had touched my sausage with his bare finger to see if it was warm! The cashier called the Manager over, and he stated that he did not touch my sausage. I told him that I watched him touch it. He again said he didn’t touch it, but was just pointing to it so he could show the cook that it needed warming up. I explained to him that the counter that he had placed the plate on was much lower than the pick-up counter the cooks set the food UP onto, and that there was no way any of the cooks could see what he might be pointing to, so he definitely was not doing as he said. I told him again that I saw him touch my sausage, not simply point to it!

Of course, the Manager of that Denny’s would not admit guilt, and as I paid my bill, I knew that I would not be going to that establishment ever again. At least he didn’t stick his tongue on it to see if it was warm!  I’ve always liked Denny’s and wish the corporate branch of the company would take a more proactive approach to ensure proper procedures are always followed.


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