Bacteria In Your Beard – You Will Not Believe What Is In There!


toilet photoIf someone told you that the bacteria in your beard had as much fecal bacteria as your toilet, would you be concerned?

If you’ve been paying attention to grooming styles of late, you’ve probably noticed that beards are “in”.  That might be changing soon after a group of microbiologists in New Mexico put out a warning that bacteria in beards can be hazardous to your health (that’s an indirect way to let you know that you probably have some poop in your beard).  Don’t panic… we can work this out.  Finish reading this post before heading out to the store to buy a case or two of antibacterial soap bars.

John Golobic, a microbiologist with Quest Diagnostics, did some empirical testing by swabbing the beards of a group of men.  The swab contents were then tested for the presence of bacteria and further broken down to types of bacteria (origin).  Upon obtaining the findings, Golobic states that some of the bacteria found, “are the kind of things that you find in feces”, or what the common folk refer to as “POOP”.

Bacteria-in-beardGolobic went on to explain that his research usually doesn’t surprise him, but in this instance he was surprised.  He also went on to say that while the levels of beard bacteria were not high enough to cause sickness, the degree of bacterial evidence was “somewhat disturbing”.

If you or someone you know is sporting a beard (shorter beards tend to have less problematic bacteria than longer beards), you might keep this study in mind and:
1. Thoroughly and frequently wash your beard area.
2. Keep your hands clean (washing frequently with warm/hot water and if possible, anti-bacterial soap)… You can purchase anti-bacterial liquid soap (check the labels… it’s not as easy to find as you might think)… we recommend the bars that Safeguard makes which are antibacterial (not only does this stuff get you clean, it has that great clean smell too).

If all else fails, keeping your beard away from your butt crack is sure to minimize fecal bacteria in your beard.

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