Election 2016 – Who Can Stop The Nation’s Freefall?


America in Distress

General Election 2016 will be one of great importance.  Who will it be to pull America out of the black hole we find ourselves in? Who will stop our fall from grace and catch us in the net of reform, of rebirth, and renewal?

What was once a nation with an A+ credit rating is now trillions of dollars in debt. What was once a nation of supreme power, international awe, and a revered pride of country is now being ridiculed by many, and has become an inconsequential entity in the eyes of countries like Russia and China.

Election-2016-CampaignThe lack of presidential dignity and thoughtful intelligence has drown this proud nation in pity and questioning! America’s military strength has been decimated, her language has been obscured in the name of diversity, the trust placed in her is wavering, the members of her legislature are at odds with each other, her allies such as Israel and Poland have been alienated, our British neighbors have been insulted, the religious beliefs that this marvelous country were based on have been trampled, and our Lady of Liberty has been deviously and deliberately shamed.

America’s sons and daughters who have fought valiantly are in disbelief of the values that have been destroyed. They wait in long lines for health care that has taken on more than it can handle. They left their country to fight with pride, but return to a closed eye, and a distorted mind. America, where are you?

adler-438200_1280Some fine presidential candidates are coming to the forefront for the November 2016 election, and many others will surely enter the race to vie for the top position, qualified or not. Some have America’s heart in mind, but others will not give her the care she deserves, and will continue to make her a follower rather than the world leader she once was.

Consider seriously the stakes at hand. Shall we be a magnet for the poor, a puppet for Islam, a laughing stock for the world?  Shall we reign in our entitlements or increase them?  Shall we show our unwavering military and intelligence strength, or shall we bow to the other international powers?  The answers will come in November. The job for the Oval Office successor will be monumental!

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