Is Reality TV Fake? – The Answer Is Clear


If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is reality TV fake?”, this is the article for you.  My wife suggested that we watch a new weekly series on television called, The Raft. The program is about two separate rafts out in the middle of the ocean, with two team members on each raft. The episodes are about the ordeals of the people of the two rafts, and how they cope with the problems that arise. Cameramen film the raft occupants, but the contestants are also provided a camera to give the viewers close-ups at different times.

 As the show begins, one of the two people on each raft is allowed to swim into an area where it appears a yacht has gone down. In this area there are floating items that might have come from the imaginary sunken ship. As a contestant, you are allowed to take one bundle or bag onto your raft and discover what it is you have obtained and decide how the contents will be used.

Provided on the raft is a water-maker, which turns sea water into drinkable fresh water by manual pumping. There are also other items provided that are used by the contestants during each episode to survive the challenge at hand.   The challenge is to spend five days on the raft while it floats toward an island (the finish line) that is five days away.


In the weekly episodes it is common for one raft to make the trip to the island and an occupant of the other raft to make the distress call to the “mother ship” with the provided radio to be rescued, because, “they can’t take it any longer.” On the last episode I watched, a woman, who in real life was an aerobics instructor and appeared to be in great shape, called to be rescued with only 18 hours left until the raft reached the island. I felt very sorry for the poor guy that had been placed in her raft as her partner. She kept complaining and he did everything he could to be nice, while she wimped out, but you could tell he was very disappointed and could have gone the distance.

 When I first heard of this program I told my wife to get in touch with the producers and tell them that we would love to participate in their ocean adventure. I told her that five days at sea would be a great vacation! She agreed. We both love and respect the ocean and are certain that we would not buckle and give up just because we were hungry, thirsty, cold or sunburned. Although……if we were paid to complain and wimp out….that would be another matter indeed!

I am fairly certain that the series will be short-lived because it offers nothing that would sustain viewership. In almost every episode we have watched, there has been something floating just beyond reach, and one of the raft occupants chooses to dive into the ocean and swim to retrieve the object in the hopes it is something they can use. The one left in the raft always loses sight of other and becomes frantic, when as if by magic the swimmer reappears. It seems also that in almost every showing, there is always a storm coming, and something always blows away! Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

 On another note, and in comparison, I was just reading that 430 migrants were stranded at sea for four (yes, I said four) months (yes, I said months) and when they were finally rescued, they were found to be hungry and thirsty, but all were alive and in reasonably good health.

 I guess this will help end The Raft series in short order……or maybe they would like to change their storyline to “430 People Stranded on a Raft for Four Months at Sea”!! That might increase viewership!

 Reality TV is truly fake!

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