Shameful Race Baiting At After SC Church Shooting


After the recent mass shooting in South Carolina of 9 black people by a white man, race baiting at is reaching levels that would make Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson blush.

It’s very disturbing to learn that some lost soul has opened fire and killed several innocent people at a church in South Carolina.  The lives that ended and the lives that will forever be changed by the mental inadequacies of this killer cannot immediately be comprehended by the rest of us.  It’s disturbing in an entirely different way to see that is making the case that “White America” is responsible for the actions of one disturbed individual.

Showing no lack of ignorance, called the violence at the AME Church, “The violence white America must answer for”.  It seems to me that thousands of years of being responsible for your own actions didn’t strike as valid here.  There is no one responsible for the actions of the shooter in this case but the shooter himself, another member of the “white America” speaks of, not the educational system, not even the suspect’s father, who is said to have given his son the gun used for the murders, as a birthday present.

The ridiculous article at also indicates that mainstream media should ask the following questions:

“Why are the sons and men [of white families]so violent?”

“What should law enforcement and white politicians do about white crime?”

“Where are the white fathers in the white home?”

Is KIDDING?  Do they really believe what they’re writing?  Have they looked at the statistics on violent crimes lately?  Do they have any idea about the statistics on families missing fathers?  Why would indicate that not EVERY POLITICIAN and EVERY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT should want to do what they can about ALL crime regardless of race?  The answer is simple… they’re race baiting. is trying to stir up a tempest over the bodies of 9 victims of a SENSELESS crime.  There is nothing of merit in their story and it should be flatly condemned by any reasonable person that hears of it.  Shame on you for publishing stories that would further stir up strife between races when the fact is that ONE deranged individual is responsible for the actions he took at the AME Church in Charleston yesterday.  Race baiting at isn’t welcome by real Americans… not white Americans, not black Americans… REAL AMERICANS.



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