State Department Has Been Ordered By Court To Release Clinton Emails


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The State Department has been ordered by the court to release Clinton emails montly until the entirety of the emails she hadn’t submitted has been released to the public. The State Department was ordered by a Federal judge to release batches of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails every 30 days starting June 30, 2015. These are the emails that she sent out during her time as Secretary of State, using her personal account rather than originating them from her State Department email address and server as the guidelines demand.

Rudolph Contreras, a United States District Judge, also set completion dates for the dissemination of about 55,000 pages of email, all sent from her personal email account, while Mrs. Clinton was serving in this top diplomatic position.


If the judge’s ruling is followed, all correspondence discovered to have been sent from Mrs. Clinton’s personal email address which has not been destroyed by Hillary Clinton or her aides, will be public by Jan. 29, 2016. That date is three days prior to the Iowa caucus, and Mrs. Clinton is the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.  It is more than likely that Clinton has wiped the server clean by now in an attempt to keep the public from knowing exactly what was on it.  She gives the impression she’s above the law and until someone holds her accountable for her actions, she’ll keep acting the same cavalier way, demonstrating that the people of our nation don’t matter to her as much as her privacy and her victories in running for public office.

The emails in question are a part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Jason Leopold, a reporter for Vice News. Although many emails possibly pertaining to governmental issues were destroyed, last week, Mrs. Clinton asked that the emails that had not been destroyed be released as soon as possible.

The Judge Contreras’ order established a more aggressive schedule than was first proposed by the State Department. The Agency has been directed to post its first batch of these emails on June 30th, and continue posting batches every 60 days until all of them are public by July 15, 2016.

The Department is examining Mrs. Clinton’s private account emails which amounts to the reviewing of every page of the approximately 55,000. Last Friday they released nearly 300 emails relating to the 2012 attack on the diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya; 300 emails regarding State Department business on her personal email account!  In addition to Clinton utilizing a personal email account for government business, she told the media that she preferred to have only one email account as more than one could be confusing.  Well Hillary, a string of lies that spans decades gets a bit confusing too.  Just recently, another Clinton email account was discovered which was in use at the same time she was utilizing the personal account for state department correspondence.  Is she unable to tell the truth, or is it the truth that will kill her chances at the presidency in 2016?  We think character matters and Hillary Clinton is in short supply of it.

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