Bernie Sanders Is Running For President In 2016 – Election 2016


MONTPELIER, VT. – Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is running for president in the 2016 election.  He’s just made the announcement and intends to take on Hillary Clinton for the democrat party’s nomination.

According to an Associated Press interview, Sanders describes himself as a “democratic socialist”.  He is vocal in his opposition to income disparity and vows to attack the campaign finance system which he claims is broken.

Bernie Sanders Announces for presidentSanders enters the presidential race as the only opposition to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the Democrat Party.  Senator Sanders is listed as Independent, but will run on the Democratic ticket for the 2016 presidential race.

Sanders has railed against an economic system that has created an ever increasing gap between the classes and one that has all but eradicated the middle class over the past few decades.  He claims he has some new perspective on the situation and that the public will be open to his solutions.

Bernie is bound to draw some support from democratic supporters who were hoping Elizabeth Warren would enter the race, but he’s going to need much more than that to derail Hillary Clinton’s bid for the party nomination.  Sanders will need to build a team like no other and begin to generate some serious campaign funds if he hopes to compete with Hillary.  Her disregard for regulations and truth, and her secretive ways are sure to leave the door open a crack for Bernie.  What he can do with it, only time can tell.

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