Bill Clinton Speech Fees Pay The Bills – Some Really Big Bills


Bill-Clinton-Speech-EarningsAccording to the New York Times, former president Bill Clinton speech fees pay the bills to the tune of $100 million.  With each address, the Clintons net worth continues to grow.  Funny, just a couple years ago, Hillary Clinton told the press that she and Bill “were dead broke”, now the celebrity couple has an estimated net worth of over $70 million.

Always jovial, Bill Clinton seems nonchalant about the amount of money he charges to give a speech. Election ethics laws for politicians in office say that paid speeches for them are a no-no. However, if you are not holding an office, the stipend is acceptable. President Clinton, however, laughingly says that his speech earnings are simply to “pay the bills”.

After being questioned on the Clintons’ 2016 plans, Bill stated “I don’t know what Hillary’s going to do, but whatever it is, I expect to support it”. It is no wonder that he is very capable of obtaining support if he can so easily earn money by just opening his mouth. Even people who are not in favor of a Clinton in office agree that Bill Clinton is a great speech presenter, and has a charismatic demeanor all of the time.  The question lingers though… is Bill getting these large speech fees as a result of a concession Hillary has arranged currently, or in the future?  The Clintons are masterful at hiding facts and intentions, and pinning a connection on them for the speech fees is unlikely… just like finding any of the 32,000 emails Hillary had purged from her email server after receiving a state department request to provide it, is surely unlikely.

Bill-Clinton-Speech-FeesAs for “paying the bills”, I’m not sure what his writers charge, but in addition to the price he earns for speeches, he makes $191,300 a year pension from being a U.S. President. He also has published several books, on which he collects royalties. Bill Clinton speaks across the globe, and has speech earnings in millions of dollars every year at $200,000 to $600,000 a pop! That eye popping amount is sure to pay a boatload of bills! According to IRS records for 2011, Bill gave 54 speeches and raked in over $13 million in just one year.  Those staggering numbers would definitely add up when added to anyone’s net worth assessment.

The following listing (courtesy of a Clinton net worth report) will give you an idea of the variety of forums, the amounts of earnings, and the countries visited in just one year on the Bill Clinton speaking circuit:

Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative, Abu Dhabi, UAE – $500,000

Achmea, Achlum, Holland – $600,000

American Express, New York, NY – $200,000

American Society for Clinical Pathology, Las Vegas, NV – $200,000

Association for Financial Professionals, Boston, MA – $175,000

Association of Fundraising Professionals, Chicago, IL – $170,000

Bank Administration Institute, Chicago, IL – $200,000

Bank of America Merrill Lynch – $200,000

Barclays Capital, Davos, Switzerland – $325,000

Beaumont Health Systems, Troy, MI – $260,000

Bridgestone America Tire Operations, Huntington Beach, CA – $175,000

Business and Finance Media Group – $125,000

Cambridge Energy Research Associates – $175,000

Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation, Vienna, Austria – $500,000

Cisco Systems, Inc., Kiawah Island, SC – $210,000

City of Surrey, Surrey, BC, Canada – $175,000

Defense Research Institute, Washington, DC – $204,000

Deloitte Services LP, New York, NY – $200,000

Fidelity Investments, Orlando, FL – $175,000

Fundo Comunitario of Keren Hayesod Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil – $200,000

Goldman Sachs, New York, NY – $200,000

HCL America, Inc., Orlando, FL – $200,000

Highland Capital, New York, NY – $175,000

Highstar Capital, Washington, DC – $175,000

HSBC Securities (USA) Inc., Key Largo, FL – $200,000

HSM Americas, Inc., New York, NY – $175,000

Hualuo CEO Forum, New York, NY – $200,000

Hualuo CEO Forum, Shanghai, China – $550,000

Ilau BBA USA Securities, Inc., New York, NY – $175,000

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – $255,000

Jeffries & Company, Inc., New York, NY – $200,000

Kuwait America Foundation – $175,000

Leaders and Company Ltd. , Lagos, Nigeria – $700,000

Magic Dreams Productions, Inc., Panama City, Panama – $325,000

Masie Center, Orlando, FL – $200,000

Nideias Comunicacao Ilimitada Ltda, Manaus, Brazil – $390,000

Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Toronto, Canada – $175,000

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, Jersey City, NJ – $200,000

RSA, Security Division of EMC, San Francisco, CA – $175,000

Silicon Valley Information Business Alliance, Santa Clara, CA – $200,000

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., New York, NY – $200,000

Tanmiah Commercial Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – $300,000

TD Ameritrade, Las Vegas, NV – $200,000

TD Bank, Fredericton and Antigonish, Canada – $260,000

The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, San Diego, CA – $260,000

The Philharmonic Center for the Arts – $200,000

Telefonaktiebolagel LM Ericsson AB, Hong Kong, China – $750,000

UBS Wealth Management, Dallas, TX – $165,000

UBS Wealth Management, Los Angeles, CA – $150,000

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., New York, NY – $200,000

Whisky Productions, Grand Cayman – $225,000

World 50, Inc., New York, NY – $175,000

World Market Center SPE, LLC, Las Vegas, NV – $175,000

Yum! Restaurants International, Vancouver, Canada – $160,000

Keep the list handy next time you’re wondering if Bill Clinton speech fees pay the bills!

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