Clinton Aide Emails Face Disclosure Lawsuit


ClintonScandalEmailsAfter administration refusal to provide the records under open-records laws requests, a lawsuit may be used to force transparency of Clinton aide emails.  The emails of personal aide to former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, are now in the cross hairs of a potential disclosure lawsuit to force the submission of emails that might be related to Clinton’s disregard for the government’s rules on records.

It now appears that Judicial Watch, a politically conservative public watchdog group, has filed a special request to see Abedin’s emails from the 4 year period working for the State Department.  It has been reported that Abedin also had access and used Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which has been the subject of much discussion of late.  While the Clinton server is long gone, courtesy of the former Secretary Of State ditching the smoking gun (why else wouldn’t she want her furniture emails read?), the review of Abedin’s emails might shed some needed light on the shade which Clinton prefers to reside.

Judicial Watch send many such requests for information and has made it clear that most of them are not fulfilled by the organization with the information requested.  With this email and server issue garnering so much attention, and with the issue at hand having larger implications (presidential run), it appears they’re ready to turn to the court system for remedy.  Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, has indicated that this issue is important because Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one involved in this email scandal.

At the time of this news release, the State Department hadn’t responded to the Keen Report’s request for a statement regarding the records release.

The lawsuit stems from an investigation on the Benghazi terrorist attack back in 2012 when Representative Trey Gowdy learned that Hillary Clinton maintained a private server which she used for personal AND State Department emails.  The emails were required to be given to the State Department but it’s estimated that Clinton had more than 30,000 emails deleted, claiming that they were personal and not subject to the State Department requirement.  Rep. Gowdy requested that the former Secretary Of State turn the server over to a neutral party while the details get clarified.  Clinton rejected the request and the whereabouts of the email server in question is up for some debate.  The State Department has admitted in the courts that it failed to look into the issue regarding emails earlier, and it’s reported that they have agreed to re-activate some of the prior requests for information from such organizations as Judicial Watch.

We can only hope that the “transparent” administration makes those government owned records (which is to say, publicly owned records) available to those who request it.  If the past is any indication, the fight to obtain the information may continue for some time.  The Clinton aide email disclosure lawsuit is just the next step in a long journey for clarity and transparency from Hillary Clinton and her secretive entourage.

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