Illegal Immigration Cons Are Piling Up Under The Obama Presidency


Immigration-cons-prosIllegal immigration cons are piling up under the Obama Presidency and far outnumber the pro amnesty arguments.  Barack Obama’s push to allow illegal aliens to remain here and to bring millions of additional illegals to America is making it nearly impossible for those who wish to come to America legally to do so.  This is even affecting our own American citizens in negative ways.

American citizen, engineer Jimmy Gugliotta, his Argentinean wife, and children have been waiting in Chile for authorization to bring his family into the U.S. so long, he has had to resort to asking for donations for food and other necessities.  Chile’s immigration laws forbid Gugliotta from working or holding a job in their country and the U.S. immigration authorities will not let him come home with his family.  The funds he had to live on while waiting are now exhausted and the U.S immigration system is failing this family.  The United States visa agency moves slowly on the documents needed by his wife and children, in order to process them and allow them to enter the United States legally.

“I was initially told the process would take 6 to 9 months and we had enough money to get us through until that time,” Gugliotta stated. “We are trying to sell the few possessions that we have left”, said Gugliotta, who struggled through tough times growing up.  Years ago, Jimmy had worked for $8.00 an hour in manual labor jobs, while he learned computer design.

Mr. Gugliotta indicated that he has been in Chile, unemployed, since 2013. He has tried to get back to the United States but in 16 months he still has no approved visa.

According to Jessica Vaughan, Policy Director for the Center for Immigration Studies, Mr. Gugliotta is a victim of incompetence by Obama’s choice to push millions of illegal immigrants past routine immigration checkpoints.

Last November President Obama told immigration officials to reorganize so they can start giving work permits and other documents to four million illegal immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. The number of illegal aliens set to be legitimized is equal to the number of Americans that will turn 18 in 2015.

Immigration agency workload increased when Obama welcomed 130,000 Central Americans who crossed the border in 2014, and when he ordered officials to issue additional work permits to roughly 100,000 wives of foreign guest workers.  The Obama administration has given another 4.7 million work permits to foreign students, tourists and border-jumpers since 2009.

In March, Obama invited companies to bring in hundreds of thousands of guest workers, who can work in the U.S. while being paid salaries equal to their own country, like India or China.

Obama’s 2012 campaign words in Ohio were “I stand with American workers. I stand with American manufacturing. I believe in you. I bet on you. I’ll make that bet any day of the week.“ This is what our President said to a cheering audience who believed him in September 2012 in Ohio. I wonder if they believe him now.

Before Obama’s push for amnesty and more guest-workers, the spouses and immediate relatives of U.S. citizens were in the highest priority category for visas, and the time frame was supposed to be no more than five months. As of last December the average processing time was at eight months. Mr. Gugliotta’s family has now been waiting 16 months.

The plight of the Gugliotta family isn’t a rare case.  There are numerous reports of families that have been split up for extended amounts of time because of the Obama administration’s apparent lack of caring for actual Americans, rather than those who break the law to enter our country (and break the law each day they stay here illegally, work here illegally). The illegal immigrants continue to get preferential treatment from the current administration.  The benefits these immigrants get from our country hurt the economy by taking jobs from American citizens, placing additional pressures on our education system and health system, and allow them to commit many crimes against American citizens.

“Valentino(son) just turned three on March 18th …. always asks when we are going to the U.S.A…” Gugliotta said. Jimmy Gugliotta does not know what to tell his son because he doesn’t know when American officials will choose to do the right thing and process his lawful request to bring his family to the United States before considering benefits for those who have broken federal laws to come here illegally and remain here illegally.

Something has got to change. The complete disrespect of Americans by their own President’s anti-American – pro-illegal administration must stop, and under Barack Obama’s watch, the illegal immigration cons are piling up.

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