Jeb Bush Is Running For President? Nicole Wallace Says Yes


Jeb-Bush-Presidential-CandidateAlthough Jeb Bush has made it clear he hasn’t made a decision if he will run for president in the 2016 elections, Nicole Wallace, co-host of The View, may have put her foot in her mouth recently when she announced his eminent run for President. Although Mr. Bush is contemplating the possibility, he has not in any way announced that he is in the race. CNN reported Monday that Mr. Bush was in no way running for president. Now who do we believe – Nicole Wallace or CNN?

Bush was the Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, and is certainly well established in the political arena. A U.S. citizen, Jeb was born in Midland, Texas in 1953, and has done much to expand his political background which could prove very beneficial should he announce his run for the office of President in 2016.

Sometimes the object of subtle jokes and political jabs, due to his father and brother holding the esteemed office previously, Jeb Bush continually denies that he is about to jump into the highest political ring in the nation. He is a valuable fund raiser, however, and has increased Republican coffers tremendously with his super PAC hauls (

2016ElectionRepublicanAlthough one often hears him remarking about how to run a campaign, we have yet to get wind of his. If he actually throws his hat into the ring, he will have to quelch his super PAC fundraising. Critics like the American Democracy Legal Fund have pushed for investigations into Bush’s tactics, and feel he is violating the law regarding campaign financing. They actually don’t have a leg to stand on, since there is no campaign in the works according to Bush as he hasn’t announced any intention to run.

Bush spokeswoman, Kristy Campbell was reported to have said, “Governor Bush is not a candidate for office. We are taking a conservative approach and fully complying with the law in all activities that Governor Bush is engaging in on the political front, and will continue to do so.”

I can hear Mr.Bush now…..saying, “What campaign?  Of those who say he “is” and those who say he “isn’t”, 50% of them are bound to be right which seems generally better than the records of those currently in public office.  For the record, we think Jeb Bush is running for president.

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