Make Fire From A Gum Wrapper In 30 Seconds


Make fire from a gum wrapper with this easy experiment.  You need only two items for this project and knowing how to do this could come in quite handy if you’re away from home or out in the wild.  Of course, one of the items is a gum wrapper (you’ll need the kind with foil on one side and a thin paper layer on the other side).  The other item is a AA battery (or another battery that you can connect with the foil).

With a AA battery and a gum wrapper, you can make a fire in less than 30 seconds.  Simply cut or tear the gum wrapper such that it’s thin at the center (in the shape of an hourglass).  This allows the energy from the battery to overload at the thin point of the foil and the heat causes the paper on the other side of the wrapper to catch fire.  Of course, it might be good to have some highly flammable item to ignite (dry brush, etc.), but if the conditions are right, the gum paper will fire up almost every time.  Go ahead and give it a try.  Cut the foil/paper (note… the long sticks of gum with foil wrappers work best).  Press the foil side on each end of the battery.  VOILA, now you can make fire with a gum wrapper!

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