Design For New NFL Stadium In Los Angeles Area Unveiled


The newest designs for a joint NFL stadium to grace Southern California in the Los Angeles area, were unveiled today for Roger Goodell and the league’s committee on viability of the move of current NFL teams to the Southland (AP).  The new NFL stadium is designed with San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders in mind, and the plans continue to move forward.

NFL Football Stadum LAThe plans include a $1.7 billion joint stadium and are being discussed with the officials of Carson, California City Council.  The plans include a horseshoe shaped seating pattern which open on one end.  Plans include a tower which is designed to give off lighting bolts during San Diego Chargers games and a flaming cauldron to honor Al Davis during Oakland Raider games.

Several of the stadium elements are designed to change in color depending upon which team is playing at the venue.  San Diego Chargers spokesman, Mark Fabiani, noted that the Chargers and the Oakland Raiders have closely collaborated on this project for some time.

According to National Football League rules, January 2016 is the next available time when a current team could relocate to a new venue.  One of the many hurdles any team would face in relocating would be garnering approval of at least 75% from current NFL teams.

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