Why Isn’t Lebron James Wearing His Headband? Now We Know

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Photo by Keith Allison

Why isn’t Lebron James wearing his headband?  It’s a common question nowadays.  For the past decade of playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), James has sported a signature headband.  If you have been paying attention to professional basketball at any point over the past 11 years, you’ve probably noticed it.

While the Lebron James signature play is still in full force, the headband has mysteriously vanished.  This has left more than a few NBA/Lebron fans perplexed.  Well, we now have an answer as to why James isn’t wearing a headband anymore.  According to reports, James has explained the lack of a headband as a show of solidarity with his basketball team, going on to explain that he wants to be seen as one of the team and look like the other players.  It seems to be working as the Cleveland Cavaliers are moving ahead as planned in the 2015 NBA Playoffs.

While this is a commendable gesture, it’s a bit odd as there are almost as many different shoe colors and styles as there are players in the NBA.  Lebron James doesn’t seem to be too concerned with having different shoes.  Either way, we’re giving Lebron full marks for his solidarity gesture and answering that question that has been eating up many of us, “Why isn’t Lebron James wearing his headband?”.

Cover photo by Keith Allison

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