Bartending Robots – Mixing Your Drinks


Bartending robots? The 2015 International RoboGames competition was held in San Mateo, California on April 3rd through the 5th. Flashing lights and a blue chilling chamber was a feature of the ThinBot, created by Kevin Roche, a research scientist for the IBM Corporation. His robot, along with many others, create cocktails with minimum human help. Various types of mixing and delivery system were presented. Some robots have special containers that liquor from regular bottle is transferred into. Then the robots do their thing and mix up custom concoctions. Some of the robot inventions are uniquely named: CosmoBot, Elixerator, Stigmatashot. Royal Caribbean had even introduced some robotic cocktail mixers on their Quantum of the Seas technology cruise. These cheerful metallic pals are for sale in the $3,000-and up range. One problem, however, is that robots don’t know when you have had enough to drink!  Maybe they need a breathalyzer robot to go with the bartending robot.

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