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With all the bad news we hear from schools these days, it’s a breath of fresh air to learn how the bible stopped a bully recently.  A father from Texas was told by his two children that they had been bullied for some time while on the school bus. The father was confused as to how this should be handled. He could storm onto the bus and create a scene, but he thought twice about that and felt it was not the way to proceed. He decided to have his children not fight back, but give the bully a small gift instead.

Bible-Stops-BullyingVaughaligan Walwyn, a Houston Christian rapper and pastor, heard from his children, daughter Phoenix (8-years-old) and son Kingston (7-years-old), that the bully was calling them names every day on the bus.

“It made me feel like I just wanted to yell at him,” Phoenix told KHOU-TV about the bully.

Pastor Walwyn and his wife consulted with the school administrators to try to end the problem, but it did little good. Even though the bulling stopped for a short time, it soon started up again.

In trying to find a permanent solution, Pastor Walwyn decided to turn to the Lord for help.  The pastor told KHOU-TV that he prayed for God’s guidance, and God said, “You know what? Let’s get the bully a Bible and tell him that Jesus loves him, and ask him to come to church.”

The pastor wrote on his Facebook page that he knew that “getting on the bus and acting a fool” would be the wrong approach.  The pastor then told his children to hand a Bible to the bully….and they did. This is when everything changed. The children gave the boy the Bible and after about two minutes of silence the boy apologized for bothering them. He has not bothered them since. The young girl, Phoenix, told the television station that the boy said, “Thank you.” and “Sorry for that stuff we did to you.”

Violence and acting a fool is almost always not the smart way to handle a situation, and knowing what do to about bullying is always a difficult decision.  Knowing the difficulties bullying brings to schools, it’s very encouraging to learn how the bible stopped a bully in this case.

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