Islamic State In America – The Threat Is Real


islam-140048_1280Social media is being used to entreat recruits into the Islamic State and to date the practice has proven troublesome for the United States and some of its allies. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported on six Somali-Americans (Minnesota residents in their late teens and early 20s) in connection with trying to join the Islamic State. After a ten-month investigation into attempts to leave the country, forgery of passports, and trying to coerce other Americans to join them, they were placed under arrest by authorities. It seems that Minnesota has a large Somali population. The FBI is trying to keep Somali-Americans from attempting to entice their friends to join terrorist groups such as al-Shabaab. Brainwashing that happens to recruits due to the misinformation spread by these rogue groups seems to be easier because of our social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Families of these young men have intercepted illegally-obtained passports, thwarted trips out of the country, and generally been afraid that their sons would one day simply disappear. Americans should be forewarned that the person trying to recruit your sons, brothers, or friends may not be a stranger, but a classmate, co-worker, or friendly neighbor. A U.S. attorney was quoted as saying these enticements may be “peer to peer” terrorist recruiting!  If we don’t get serious about stopping these groups from recruiting via the internet, the Islamic State problem may be difficult to solve.


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