Teenager Found Alive After 5 Days Under Earthquake Rubble


nepalese photoKatmandu, Nepal – The devastation of the earthquake in Nepal five days ago gave pause to a cheering crowd.  They were reacting to a rescue team pulling 15 year old Pemba Tamang from the rubble of a 7 story building in Nepal’s capital city Katmandu.  Officials reported that the 15 year old was alert and had no major injuries.

The boy told the rescue workers that two other children were still under the rubble.  No additional news on those children is available at the time of this story.

Though the rescue was a dangerous one, the teams on the ground are very committed to assisting residents and saving lives.  They indicated they’d go to great lengths to save anyone that needed their help.  The precarious situation for Pemba included some giant cement slabs held from crushing him only by the steel reinforcing cables used in the building materials. nepal photo Thankfully, the rescue was successful and Pemba is now safe.

The crews are still sifting through the rubble of the city and the good news about Pemba being found alive after 5 days under the rubble will surely raise moral among the rescue workers and volunteers who are working day and night to find any survivors of the massive earthquake which has killed more than 6,000 people throughout the country.

Photo by mrgarethm

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