Pro-Biker Anti-Police Message On Oklahoma Tattoo Shop Causes Outrage


tattoo-needleMany people are angry because of a pro-biker anti-police message on Oklahoma tattoo shop’s Facebook page and accompanying sign on the front door of the Norman Tattoo parlor. The tattoo shop offers bikers who are riding a motorcycle and flying their MC Colors a discount on tattoo work, while their messages and signs state that they refuse to do tattoo work for police officers and that the officers are not welcome at the business.

Norman Tattoo Anti-Police Notice

Norman Tattoo Anti-Police Notice

“Until Further Notice, patch holders riding motorcycles and wearing their MC patch receive a 25% discount on all tattoos at Norman Tattoo,” read Norman Tattoos’ May 22nd Facebook post. “Police will not be served. Thanks.”  It’s too bad that the tattoo shop’s owner doesn’t realize that there are millions of good cops serving communities throughout the United States.

Another shop message stated that the events from the recent past have caused the shop to make the “unfortunate decision,” referring to the May 17th biker gang shoot-out in Waco, Texas that found nine dead and 18+ injured. 173 bikers were arrested in the melee that reportedly included such outlaw biker gangs as the Scimitars MC, Cossacks MC, Bandidos MC, and other motorcycle gangs from the area.

“Recent events in Waco, Texas led us to the unfortunate decision that we simply can’t risk having that kind of thing (happen) in our shop,” the message read. “This is a family business.”


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A Facebook post by Brady Quisenberry didn’t agree with the Norman Tattoo post and Mr. Quisenberry stated that the tattoo parlor might be placing its business in jeopardy with that kind of statement. He believes that the tattoo shop is not seeing this situation properly. Norman Tattoo answered by showing a photo of a sign that appears also on the door to the establishment. Stating a matching message about cops as was posted on Facebook, it reads, “In light of recent events in Waco, Texas and other places, people wearing the insignia/patches of police departments are not welcome on these premises.”

Frank Robinson, owner of the tattoo shop, declined to appear in a TV interview, though he reportedly said that he believed the recent clash between Texas motorcycle gangs was the result of police brutality and that he no longer feels safe around cops.

He continued, “Had I said I was unwilling to serve gays in my business, I’d probably have the full support of the community. But instead, I said police are not welcome… and I’ve spent all day being threatened and insulted by people hiding behind telephone calls and Facebook messages.”

“The fact that the police are admittedly in possession of (a) video of the entire event, yet have not released it, is more than a little frightening,” Robinson told the local newspaper. “They (the police) seem to bring chaos and intimidation everywhere they go.” Local police are angered by this assumption.

As many others (to date, there have been more than 1,200 1-star reviews of Norman Tattoo’s Facebook Page), you may not agree with the pro-biker anti-police message on the Oklahoma tattoo shop, but you have to support the tattoo establishment’s first amendment rights, even if they use those rights to spread their ignorant views.

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  1. I was blatantly misquoted in this article. Here’s what I really wrote.

    “Had I said I was unwilling to serve gays in my business, I’d probably have the full support of the community. But instead, I said police are not welcome… and I’ve spent all day being threatened and insulted by people hiding behind telephone calls and Facebook messages.”

    • While we disapprove of your actions and assumptions, we’ve modified the article to include the entire quote as you’ve posted.

    • Think your denial of service is based on total ignorance! There are many cases of outlaw bikers that have killed, committed crimes, cause chaos ect HOW would YOU LIKE seeing a sign stating “no bikers welcomed” inspite of what YOU believe, society needs police, very easy to blame police when ANY situation goes bad, EVEN when ppl have PUT THEMSELVES in that situation. Know how many officers ride and have friends in biker clubs!!! My uncle was an NYPD officer in the 80’s a member of The Hells Angels son went missing, AFTER WORK , OFF DUTY, my uncle and his partner searched near by buildings and found his young son. Bikers NEEDED the POLICE then as at some point in our lives, wether we think/expect it will need POLICE assistance!!! Bc THEY knew that they couldn’t wait the standard 24 hr time frame to consider someone missing, that bikers son was saved!!! He was stuck in between a building in NYC due to roof hoping, which was common for city kids, IF THEY DIDN’T TAKE THEIR OWN TIME, CARE regardless they were from different worlds this kid would’ve been DEAD!!! Had to learn to walk, talk everything all over again!! See the difference between POLICE and EVERYONE else is NO MATTER WHAT our differences are if someone is in NEED THEY ALWAYS COME!!! ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT should NEVER return to your shop, at any point!! Including THEIR FAMILIES and FRIENDS!! And you’re wrong if you had a sign refusing to gays you’d have people protesting in front of your establishment all day from all over. Shame YOU felt this was appropriate, surprising how a group that has been judged by THEIR appearance, would cast such judgement on our PROTECTORS!!

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